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I’m wondering if I should have a category for mobile phones. As this is an Amazon product shortlister site in the UK, I looked up the likely popularity of buying unlocked devices here (I assume Amazon UK does not do contract). But somebody I know said that most people in the UK go for contracts, rather than buy one (on Amazon) and use that phone on pay-as-you-go or SIM only deal. I’m not sure if this is true and the story is probably more complicated than this with the price range, special deals and other factor involved.

If you would like to see a mobile phone section added, please tell me in the comments below and say what price range you are interested in. I might divide the section into “smartphones” and “non-smartphones” though some devices do straddle this arbitrary classification. I have even seen phones specifically for younger children and also for senior citizens.


Mobile phones cell phones for seniors_mSo it is not a question “are mobile phones important?”, as they have very quickly become totally “indispensable” for most of us. It is more of if you, the site visitor will find it useful to use our shortlister and what price band you are interested in. My guess is that the lower price range will have more interest than the range that the iPhone and the Galaxy S3 are in. This presupposes that the more expensive phones are more affordable on monthly network contract where they might be free or provided at a low price. So help me out here and stick in a comment below! Please.
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