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You know how when you want to buy some electronic goods from Amazon and you start to search on the site?

Whew! It can turn out to be a real TIME gobbler!!! Researching the Amazon star rating awarded by other users, etc, etc, etc. Cut the time wasted and frustration by using this shortlister!

Only 4stars to 5stars Items

So here’s a NEW WAY to take out the hard work and frustration! We have gathered all high rating (4 stars or 5 stars) items rated by around 25 different reviewers (more like over 75 usually). And we’ve split each item into price bands. So all you have to do to get your shortlist is

  1. choose what you want to buy from the “Categories” and
  2. select the price band you are looking at and
  3. we give you the shortlist of highest scoring goods in the category you’ve chosen.
  4. When you’ve found the actual item you want, just hit the orange button below the item and you’re taken to Amazon page to buy it! Simples!

Amazon Star Rating

One of the best ways of choosing an electronic product is by using the Amazon star rating system because it is given by the “man in the street” reviewing it rather than by a weary journalist. The result is a real impression that a range of purchasers get from using the product in real life.

We suggest that you already make sure the item has the features that is essential to you before making the purchase. If you are the type that cant be bothered with the details, yet again this site is ideal as you can’t go far wrong choosing products with a high star rating at Amazon.

Disclosure: By hitting the orange button to buy your goodies, we get a little something from Amazon. But hey, you save a ton of time and you don’t pay any extra for that. So we surely deserve the little something for that?



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